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5 Steps to Creating an Amazing Travel Vision Board

Just like a Dream Board, a Travel Vision Board is a tool to help clarify and realize your goals. It is a fun, tangible way to open yourself to the abundance you’d like to receive (and deserve according to Chopra) in your life.

Creating my Travel Vision Board each year is a process I truly enjoy because I’m able to daydream about all of the wonderful destinations I’d like to visit again as well as those I hope soon to cross off my bucket list. Using vivid images to paint a picture of what I’d like my future to look like, can be a very invigorating experience.

Here’s my 5-Step Process to Creating an AMAZING Travel Vision Board!

STEP 1: Create your Travel Bucket List

Here’s your chance to DREAM BIG and make a list of all the places you’d love to visit. Where would you like to go, near or far, before you leave this earth? Make your list and don’t limit yourself based on budget, schedule, etc. It’s a Bucket List after all!  You may not get to all of the places right away, but this is just a brainstorming exercise.

Need inspiration for your travel bucket list?

STEP 2: Find your Inspiration

Here’s where you gather all of your favorite pictures, visit Pinterest, Google, and your favorite websites for images that represent each item on your list, a beautiful visual that makes you feel good, or an interesting tip you’d like to be reminded of. It’s your board so be as creative as you like.

For my board, I found images, quotes and more that I downloaded and saved to a file on my computer to use for the board. You can label the items as you save them, or you can be a free spirit like me and just let the image speak for itself.


STEP 3: Create a Collage of Your Images

Through the power of the Internet, there are a lot of great tools you can use for this step. Pinterest is an easy free site that you can use for the basis of your board. Simply, create a new “board” on your account, I labeled my “Travel Inspiration” and start pinning away. The great thing about using Pinterest is that you can add to this as the year goes on, you can link to great articles that you’d like to revisit and really the sky is the limit as to how flexible you can be with this board.


Or you can uses an online collage creator like PicMonkey. To do so, choose the “collage” option and upload your pictures you saved. You will be able to choose your layout and edit the photos as you place them on your “board.”

STEP 4: Post your Board!

Probably one of the most important steps, is to post your board so that you can have a visual reminder of your vision. You can save the final version and use it as a screen saver to your computer or on your phone. If you’d like, you can print a copy and post somewhere in your office for inspiration during those long work days.


STEP 5: Use your images to help motivate you to making your dreams a reality!

Now here’s where the real work begins. Pick one or two locations, randomly or strategically and begin planning your getaway. Contact a great Travel Agent to help you get started!

Leave a comment: What are your top Bucket List Destinations?

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